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Life is constantly changing, and personal development is important if we want to achieve our goals. Opportunities may not have come our way as youngsters, or obstacles may have prevented us taking them, but it is never too late to start.

Whether you need a boost of confidence, or a jump-start for your creativity to flow and make your dreams a reality, we can help. The Tomatis® Method reconnects you with your creativity and inner motivation through filtered high frequency sounds.

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Enhance Your Career and Leadership

To be a leader requires one to stay sharp and focussed, be able to think outside the box and be a creative problem-solver. For this your brain needs to be as sharp as a razor, with the memory of an elephant. And you need some energy left to enjoy your family and other activities once your work demands have been met. Running out of steam just reading this?

Businessmen and women, entrepreneurs and those serious about their sport can benefit from the Tomatis® Method. Talk to us to make outstanding performance a reality in your life – whether you are a leader already or aspiring to be one. We tailor-make solutions to help you achieve your personal development goals.

Enrich Your Voice for Singing or Speeches

The Tomatis® Method will always improve the quality of your voice. And if you are a singer, the richness of our voice as well as your vocal range will improve. Naturally, and without effort. The secret is in your ears according to Dr. Alfred Tomatis, a French ENT, who emphasised the importance of the audio-vocal loop. He formulated and submitted the three ‘Tomatis laws’ to the Academy of Sciences in Paris in 1957:

  • The voice only contains what the ear can hear
  • If the listening is modified, the voice is instantly and unconsciously modified too
  • It is possible to transform the voice permanently through sound stimulation maintained for some time (law of remanence)

Dr. Tomatis’ research convinced the French Academy of Medicine that his method permanently improved the voice, and it earned him rewards and recognition. His laws were based on his experience that alterations in hearing were systematically accompanied by a vocal deficiency.

Restore and Improve Your Voice Quality

The Ear and the Voice - Dr. Alfred Tomatis
The Tomatis® Method originated in the treatment of singers, where Dr. Tomatis, the son of an Opera singer, applied his insights to the making of music, which was closest to his heart. He found that singers whose voice, when pushed to the maximum, could reach the same number of decibels as a jet engine, resulted in damaging their hearing and in turn damaging their voice. This is described in one of his most significant books, titled ‘The Ear and the Voice' (L’Oreille et La Voix)’.

The voice-ear relationship (the audio-vocal loop) was demonstrated when Dr. Tomatis personally treated one of the most renowned and influential opera singers of the 20th century, Maria Callas. In a letter to Dr Tomatis, she wrote: 

‘I am coming because my right ear is unable to control my tune’ - Maria Callas

Twice Dr. Tomatis restored her voice with the Tomatis® Method in audio-vocal training and assisted in her comeback. 

Other famous actors and musicians who have benefited from the Tomatis® Method are: Sting, Juliette Binoche, Gerard Depardieu, to name a few. 

If your career depends on your voice, having a relaxed and pleasant voice with good pronunciation is more enjoyable to listen to. Voice, speech, and language are areas where the Tomatis® Method is very effective, and in addition, it will increase your confidence. 

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The KingsFisher Institute, its programmes and protocols along with the TOMATIS® Method, are Educational Programmes and are considered neither medical treatments, nor a means to establish a medical diagnosis. The content of this website is for informational purposes only. It should be neither considered as, nor substitute for medical advice. We neither suggest stopping any medication or psychological treatments. The KingsFisher Institute is duly licensed by TOMATIS DEVELOPMENT S.A. which is the owner of “TOMATIS”, “TOMATIS +LOGO”, “SOLISTEN”, “TalksUP” trademarks

Learning Languages - Making It Easier

We learn our mother tongue when we are bathed in the sounds of our mother’s voice. The high frequencies in her voice tunes our ears and sets the rhythm of our mother tongue. Later in our lives, we express verbal language according to this particular rhythm.. This is the ear-brain connection, our audio-vocal loop. In addition, our brain have specific regions devoted to speech, hearing, and language functions.

When we want to learn a new language, our ears naturally listen for the rhythm of our mother tongue. This affects the pronunciation of our new language, detectable as an accent of our mother tongue.

USE THE RIGHT EAR FOR FOREIGN LANGUAGE LEARNING"From birth, the ear is structured to distinguish between various types of sounds and to send them to the optimal side in the brain for processing," - Yvonne Sininger, Ph.D. 

What the researchers found, is that their right ear is better at receiving sounds from speech, and the left ear is more sensitive to sounds of music and song, as confirmed in a hearing study of 3,000 new-borns. View study here.

Right-ear dominance is most important in acquiring a new language for faster processing speed of linguistic information (this nerve pathway is shorter compared to the left ear). Another is ‘tuning’ the middle ear muscles to the rhythm of the new language, similar to learning our mother tongue in the womb. These two factors make learning a new language fast, efficient, and with improved fluency. The Tomatis® Method does both, irrespective of the language you would like to learn or improve.

Using the Tomatis® Method halves the learning time of a foreign language as proven in a study in seven Universities in the framework of a European programme.

We can assist you with personal development in: English, Mandarin, French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Russian

How We Can Help

KingsFisher unique assessment methods reveal the underlying, often undetected difficulties that hamper and delay development and progress:

  • Our Cognitive Skills Assessment reveals the underpinning cognitive skills related to poor academic performance
  • With our Tomatis® Listening Profile we can determine how efficient the relationship between the ears and brain is for information processing
  • Using our Visagraph™, we can track and monitor eye movements indicating how orderly the brain deals with information, how it is fed into short-term memory and the ability to retrieve information. “There exists a functional relationship between ocular movements and central processes” as reported by Herman F. Brandt in The Psychology of Seeing
  • Our Mineral Therapy Assessment reveals which minerals are lacking for optimal performance

Based on our findings, our intervention programmes and protocols are tailor-made for each individual

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