Finding Out How Strong the Learning Foundation Is

We assess the Foundational Skills. These are several key underpinning abilities that form the  foundation for cognitive function. This includes our ability to give attention and be able to concentrate for task completion. We need these foundational skills to be successful at reading, spelling, learning and problem solving. This is not a psychometric assessment.

What Does It Show?

This assessment reveals how well developed and integrated the Foundational Skills are, irrespective of age or gender. This will reveal whether it can support cognitive function for  academic achievement or to withstand age-related mental decline.

What Does It Mean?

A weak skills foundation is unable to support learning development. Gaps in the Foundational Skills tell us why concentration is poor, what causes letter reversals or bad spelling, and why some are slow readers and other just avoid reading at all. It tells us what is hampering academic performance.

How Do We Improve Poor Foundation Skills?

Most therapies are aimed at the ‘walls and ceiling’, but without correcting the foundation, lasting results cannot be attained. Our cognitive development programmes zone in and address the weaknesses and gaps in the Foundational Skills. This is supported by our Tomatis® Method, Reflex Integration programmes and Mineral Therapy.


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