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Health and Wellbeing

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, but also a resource for everyday life.” 
Quotation from WHO, 1948 and updated 1986

Learning and developmental disorders create considerably more stress for adults,
children, parents and carers. A parent’s well-being impacts their children, irrespective of the age of the children.

Health is now defined to include our ability to adapt to new threats and illnesses. Good health is central to handling stress, to living longer and having a more active life.

Minerals: Building Blocks to Better Health

Minerals are the building blocks of the body, present everywhere in our bones, muscles, nerves and soft tissues. They form the structural and biochemical base upon which everything else in our body is built. Sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and sulphur are the essential major minerals needed by our bodies. We only need small amounts of trace minerals which are iron, manganese, copper, iodine, zinc, cobalt, fluoride and selenium.

Minerals Cannot be Created by Our Bodies

Many acute and chronic health issues stem from mineral imbalances

Our daily mineral needs have to be met by our dietary intake. Due to mass food production, pesticides and processing, our food is severely lacking in the nutrition we require to function optimally in today’s world. Metabolic processes, disease and stress depletes them faster than our diets supplies. Supplementing our mineral intake for optimal health and vitality becomes critically important.

Celloid® Mineral Therapy

Celloid® Mineral Therapy is a practitioner only range.
It offers a unique system of natural healing that employs the use of minerals identical to those found in our bodies. This consists of eleven minerals that form part of the fundamental structure of our bodies. They are prescribed according to specific patient symptoms, with the aim to restore natural cell function and bring healing from within on a cellular level. With Celloids® we aim to address the cause, not just the symptoms, dealing with the root of health complaints.

Some signs of mineral deficiencies are:
Lack of attention and poor concentration, fatigue and chronic fatigue, poor sleep quality, insomnia, muscle cramps or restless legs, headache or migraines, nausea, bloating or flatulence, gastric reflux, brittle nails, splitting or loosing hair.

Consultations for Celloid® Minerals

As a Mineral Therapy Practitioner, I often prescribe Celloids® for babies, children, the elderly, pregnant and breastfeeding women and people with acute and chronic diseases. Celloid® Mineral Therapy when prescribed by a healthcare practitioner complements other modalities and is economical. It has over 80 years of empirical research and traditional naturopathic use.

Upon request, we schedule person-to-person or virtual appointments. We provide patients with medical and symptom questionnaires that we use to identify your mineral deficiencies causing your symptoms.  Once completed, it needs to be returned to us for analysis prior to our appointment. Contact us for details.

Include Essential Oils to Improve Your Heath, Immunity and Wellbeing

Much, much more than just an aromatic experience

“…the leaves that grew on the tree provided precious healing for the nations” – Rev 22.2b (Voice)

Essential Oils contains the life essence of a plant representing nature in its most concentrated form. They are extracted from the flowers, leaves, bark and roots. Each drop can contain up to 300 powerful life changing chemicals naturally found in the plant to fight infection, attract pollinators and to protect from predators. Similarly, we can use and apply essential oils in our lives for the same purposes.

Their unique chemical structure and light molecular weight allows easy penetration through our skin straight into our cells. Diffusing essential oils releases their rich, healing fragrance into a room, whilst adding them to our cooking enhances the richness of food flavours.

As a clinical pharmacist, not only do I understand the chemical composition of essential oils, but also their interaction with medications. I have personally experienced their powerful effects and seen clients amazed at the changes in their health and circumstances due to essential oils.

Own Your Own

Essential Oils 101 - How to Use and Order Yours!
I wanted only the best Essential Oils in my clinical wellness practice. We have sourced the best quality oils from suppliers that have their own farms, and with partner farms they sustainably grow, harvest and distill their essential oils with the best industry standards.

An important consideration that is often overlooked is the Essential Oil's individual frequency. Healthy organs in our body vibrate at their own unique frequency. When illness and stress are present, the frequency is disrupted and reduced. Essential oils aid in restoring this cellular frequency.

I personally use and recommend essential oils to improve health and wellness for myself and my clients.

Consultations for Individually Formulated and Compounded Essential Oils

I have an Essential Oil Dispensing Practice. I draw from my clinical experience as a pharmacist considering individual patient parameters, clinical and safety aspects.  Following a short consultation, in person or virtual, I research, formulate and compound the most ideal essential oils to address the problem. These are dispensed in roll-on bottles for collection or delivery.

Reduce Your Toxic Load

Are you sure your products are not making you ill?

A toxin is a synthetic chemical or poison known to have harmful effects on the body. Our largest daily toxin load comes from our household cleaning and personal care products.

These toxins wreck our health and destroy our immune system. Regular exposure to these toxins and chemicals can cause toxic overload. It interferes with the way our bodies function, damaging our ability to rid our bodies of toxins. These build up in our tissues, generating free radicals causing cell and DNA damage, accelerating aging. They cause inflammation, resulting in body aches and pains. They block our enzymes and metabolic processes, displaces minerals from our bones, making them weaker. Worst of all, it blocks our natural ability to detoxify.

Some Toxins are Hormone Disruptors

Most products we use daily contain toxins displaying oestrogen-like effects. They are 100% absorbed through our skin and they interfere with male and female hormones, causing imbalances. This is evident in obesity due to thyroid shutdown and infertility in men and women. They are called endocrine disruptors (Xenoestrogens) and the most well-known ones are preservatives (parabens), foaming agents (Sodium Laurel Sulphate) and phthalates (plasticisers).

Switch to Affordable Non-Toxic Products

We represent the fastest growing Wellness Company that provides toxin free personal care and super concentrated household products to save our environment. Their supplements and sports nutrition have clinical studies proving their efficacy, with patents to confirm this.

How We Can Help

Our unique assessment methods reveal the underlying, often undetected difficulties that
hamper and delay development and progress:

  • Our Cognitive Skills Assessment reveals the underpinning cognitive skills related to poor academic performance.
  • With our Tomatis® Listening Profile we can determine how efficient the relationship between the ears and brain is for information processing, and how well our vestibular centre is functioning.
  • Using our Visagraph™, we can track and monitor eye movements which indicates our brain’s ability  for receiving information, storing it in our short-term memory and retrieval (comprehension) “There exists a functional relationship between ocular movements and central processes” - Herman F. Brandt in The Psychology of Seeing.
  • With Rhythmic Movement Training we integrate retained reflexes identified during our assessments 
  • Our Mineral Therapy Assessment reveals which minerals are lacking for optimal performance.

Based on our findings, our intervention protocols are tailor-made for each individual.

Ready to Get Started?

Get the help you need from Yolinda Bullians and our friendly team at the KingsFisher Institute.

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