Visagraph™ Reading Profile

Reveals the Hidden Hurdles Causing Reading Difficulties

The KingsFisher Institute is the only centre in New Zealand that can perform this assessment.
The Visagraph™ measures actual eye movements during reading and checks reading comprehension. With our Visagraph™ we determine the ‘starting blocks’ and track progress during and after our interventions. A Visagraph™ is not an eye test.

What Does It Show?

Through tracking eye movements the Visagraph™ reveals how our eyes move during reading. Watch this moving dot on the video as an example of inefficient reading due to erratic eye movements. 

Video reproduced with permission from Taylor Associates

What Does It Mean?

“There exists a functional relationship between ocular (eye) movements and central processes”
 - Herman F. Brandt in The Psychology of Seeing.
This means that eye movements reveal how the brain receives, stores, interprets and recalls visual information. Erratic eye movements, as in the video clip above, are an indication of poor information filing, inability to recall and thus poor reading comprehension.

How Do We Improve Poor Foundation Skills?

Our cognitive development programmes zone in and address the weaknesses and gaps in the Foundational Skills that hamper fluent reading. Our Tomatis® Method improves eye muscle control for synchronised movement. This is supported by Reflex Integration programmes and Mineral Therapy.


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