Our Vision, Purpose and Who We Are

Our Passion

At the KingsFisher Institute our passion is to restore and optimise brain function and to improve your health, general well-being and quality of life.

Andrew and Yolinda Bullians
Andrew and Yolinda Bullians

Our Vision

Releasing the Champion Within
We recognise that each person has their own unique abilities and skills, so we work with each individual to maximise their potential to achieve their goals.

Over the years we have researched the best programmes in the world and use these in combination for synergistic benefit to maximize the outcomes for who come to us for help. By embracing the brain's neuroplasticity, we utilise unique visual and auditory neuro-development programmes that enable the re-wiring of neural pathways to enhance and restore brain function. All our programmes are designed to enhance and increase learning potential, academic ability and performance in all age groups.

Intervention Outcomes

Functional improvements are evident in increased memory and cognitive abilities, increased reading efficiency and improved academic performance – all verified through scientific monitoring and our science-based assessment tools.

We work holistically, involving parents and incorporate rhythmic movements and sensory-motor exercises to complement our neuro-developmental intervention programmes.The body is as important as the brain, and part of our protocol is to assess and address the mineral imbalance and frequencies in the body that can contribute to a lack of optimal performance.

Yolinda Bullians



My brain development work is clinically supported by more than 40years experience as a clinical pharmacist and mineral therapist. This enables me to advise on medications, natural remedies and detox treatments to further optimise health and functional well-being.

My extensive experience with learning inabilities started about 30yrs ago when my son was diagnosed with severe dyslexia and ADHD at the age of 6. After years of struggle with various therapies and medication, there was no lasting improvement in his academic skills. I obtained and used a home-based cognitive reading development programme to help him, with astounding results. I went on to become a Master Trainer for the Centre of Dyslexia in South Africa, offering certified training programmes, training parents and teachers to deliver programmes at home and in schools. Together my son and I worked really hard, and we were able to recover his abilities. Today he is a successful carpenter who obtained his qualification with distinctions!

My husband, Andrew, grew up New Zealand, and we returned to live and work here. We practice at the KingsFisher Institute where we have successfully intervened and helped  a variety of clients: families and children (some autistic), adults with cognitive challenges, elderly with balance and co-ordination difficulties and an increased falls risk, concussion clients, executives and entrepreneurs with high stress levels and also those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The KingsFisher Institute, its programmes and protocols along with the TOMATIS® Method, are Educational Programmes and are considered neither medical treatments, nor a means to establish a medical diagnosis. The content of this website is for informational purposes only. It should be neither considered as, nor substitute for medical advice. We neither suggest stopping any medication or psychological treatments. The KingsFisher Institute is duly licensed by TOMATIS DEVELOPMENT S.A. which is the owner of “TOMATIS”, “TOMATIS +LOGO”, “SOLISTEN”, “TalksUP” trademarks www.tomatis.com

Andrew Bullians



I take responsibility for the finances, administration and marketing of KingsFisher Institute and together we work to expand the Institute into multiple areas of society.

My training was as an international economist and business/financial consultant, and after many years in the international banking and investment fields in the US and Europe, I returned to New Zealand in 2016 with Yolinda by my side. Partnering with Yolinda in this most interesting and critical work for the improvement of mental health and well-being, is both exciting and very rewarding as individuals and families are permanently changed for the better.

How We Can Help

Our unique assessment methods reveal the underlying, often undetected difficulties that hamper and
delay development and progress. A Mineral Therapy assessment may be of particular benefit. 

Based on our findings, our intervention protocols are tailor-made for each individual.

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Get the help you need from Yolinda Bullians and our friendly team at the KingsFisher Institute.


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