Train Your Brain - A Neuro-Cognitive Approach

Brain diagram


Cognitive functions refer to multiple mental processes.
They are our brain-based skills for task completion including learning, thinking, reasoning, remembering, problem solving, decision making, and attention.

Cognitive functions are primarily located in the pre-frontal regions of the frontal lobe of the brain, with multiple neuron connections to other brain regions

Executive functions are complex cognitive processes enabling goal-orientated behaviour. It includes and requires working memory and our ability to:

  • be mentally flexible
  • be able to anticipate and predict
  • frame a problem and deciding how to solve it
  • emotionally self-regulate for performance
  • break up complex tasks in smaller chunks and sequence them correctly, and
  • be able to resist distraction

Working memory is our short-term memoryThink of working memory as a juggler or plate spinner – keeping things going while other stuff is happening at the same time. Working memory is our capacity to hold and manipulate information mentally in real time, while performing other functions.We require a good and strong working memory to be successful at  learning, reasoning, and comprehension as we use it to process (encode and store) and retrieve information. 

The diagram from Purdy in the text Cognitive Communication Disorders, illustrates the interplay of working memory and executive functions. 

Improve Your Cognitive Abilities with Targeted Practice

Cognitive challenges affect the individual as well as the family, close friends, and co-workers. As we age, some cognitive abilities may decline if not used regularly, with a greater impact on executive functions. Cognitive functions are not fixed and studies have found that intervention programs can improve cognitive functions such as executive functions, working memory, episodic memory, processing speed, and general cognitive ability or IQ. Find information about the study here.

At the KingsFisher Institute, we identify the underpinning foundational learning skills causing poor academic performance or cognitive decline when lacking. These hamper concentration, memory, reading, spelling, and learning, irrespective of a learning difficulty, whether formally diagnosed or not.

Based on our assessments, we develop an individual, tailor-made cognitive development programme that expands with the individual. It may include integrating reflexes, cognitive and tactile exercises to do at home. 

We have partnered with Edublox, offering online Multisensory Cognitive Development Programs providing fundamental solutions to dyslexia and other learning difficulties. Our clients receive to a special discount code along with our support and training. Contact us for more details.

Yolinda Bullians undertook a formal research study in school children aged 6 -18yrs with learning difficulties, with the purpose to determine the impact of her cognitive development programme (targeted practice). The results were outstanding! Psychometric assessments of the children showed that Verbal and Non-verbal IQ improved by 15 to 22 points over a 6-month period, whilst Visagraph™ Reading Profiles indicated a 2 to 4yr improvement in reading efficiency. 

How We Can Help

KingsFisher unique assessment methods reveal the underlying, often undetected difficulties that hamper and delay development and progress:

  • Our Cognitive Skills Assessment reveals the underpinning cognitive skills related to poor academic performance
  • With our Tomatis® Listening Profile we can determine how efficient the relationship between the ears and brain is for information processing
  • Using our Visagraph™, we can track and monitor eye movements indicating how orderly the brain deals with information, how it is fed into short-term memory and the ability to retrieve information. “There exists a functional relationship between ocular movements and central processes” as reported by Herman F. Brandt in The Psychology of Seeing
  • Our Mineral Therapy Assessment reveals which minerals are lacking for optimal performance

Based on our findings, our intervention programmes and protocols are tailor-made for each individual

Ready to Get Started?

Get the help you need from Yolinda Bullians and our friendly team at the KingsFisher Institute.

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