Tomatis® Listening Profile

Finding Out How Well you Listen

Our Tomatis® Listening Profile reveals your listening ability. Listening is much more than hearing. Listening involves our emotions and trauma or stress can prevent us from listening well. For good listening and fast processing speed, we need right-ear dominance, which we also determine. Our Tomatis® Listening Profile is not a hearing test.

What Does It Show?

How our brain receives, processes and interprets information. Our ears should provide about 80% of the sensory stimulation for our brain to keep it energised, and we can tell if this is deficient. It also shows if recurring ear infections, glue ear and grommets may have hampered sound transmission to the brain and contribute to auditory processing disorder or learning difficulties.

What Does It Mean?

Our ears are not identical in sound processing. Imbalances contribute to a lack of concentration with slow processing speed, aggravated by Left-ear dominance. If insufficient cortical stimulation is received via our ears, we rely on constant body movements to compensate. As a result, it becomes a struggle to sit still in a classroom or office.

How Do We Improve Poor Foundation Skills?

We restore and rehabilitate the ear’s listening ability with our Tomatis® Method. This is supported by our Cognitive Development programmes aimed at addressing auditory weaknesses due to gaps in the Foundational Skills, Reflex Integration programmes and Mineral Therapy.


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