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Forbrain® and Soundsory®


Use Your Voice to Boost Your Brain
Forbrain® is an award-winning bone-conduction headset equipped with a microphone and a dynamic filter. Bone conduction transmits the sound of your voice 10 times faster and can train and improve one’s audio-vocal loop. Forbrain® enhances specific frequencies in one’s speech, and this constantly surprises the brain, increasing memory, attention and sensory processing. It is used with the Tomatis® Method or as a standalone programme. By correcting the way in which you hear your own voice, it improves vocal confidence and pronunciation.

Contact us for advice - we would recommend Forbrain® for:
It is designed to help children and adults with: speech-language Disorders (Speech delay, Apraxia, Aphasia), Sensory and Auditory Processing Disorders (APD / CAPD), Attention Disorders (ADD / ADHD), Learning Disabilities (Dyslexia, Poor reading, Poor memory, etc.), Autism Spectrum Disorders,(Autism, Asperger‘s Syndrome, Down Syndrome, etc.), Brain injuries and brain diseases.


Multi-Sensory Program with Rhythmic Movements:
The SOUNDSORY® program consists of specially designed music containing neuro-acoustic modifications accompanied with a series of movement-based exercises. The main purpose of SOUNDSORY® is to establish good brain-body connections, from the fundamentals of sensory integration to more complex cognitive functions. It is used with the Tomatis® Method or as a  standalone programme.

Contact us for advice - we would recommend SOUNDSORY® for:
It is safe and effective and designed to help children and adults with motor delays, balance and coordination, Autism spectrum and developmental delays, sensory and auditory processing disorders and poor attention such as ADD and ADHD.

How We Can Help

KingsFisher unique assessment methods reveal the underlying, often undetected difficulties that hamper and delay development and progress:

  • Our Cognitive Skills Assessment reveals the underpinning cognitive skills related to poor academic performance
  • With our Tomatis® Listening Profile we can determine how efficient the relationship between the ears and brain is for information processing
  • Using our Visagraph™, we can track and monitor eye movements indicating how orderly the brain deals with information, how it is fed into short-term memory and the ability to retrieve information. “There exists a functional relationship between ocular movements and central processes” as reported by Herman F. Brandt in The Psychology of Seeing
  • Our Mineral Therapy Assessment reveals which minerals are lacking for optimal performance

Based on our findings, our intervention programmes and protocols are tailor-made for each individual

Ready to Get Started?

Get the help you need from Yolinda Bullians and our friendly team at the KingsFisher Institute.

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