Desperate for the right help?

Struggling with learning, reading, meltdowns, slow progress, behind peers, poor attention, low self-esteem, bad writing or uncoordinated?

The Tomatis® Method is your answer


Stimulates neuroplasticity, engages and develops the whole brain, relaxes the body

Developed by a medical specialist, Dr. Alfred Tomatis (ENT)

Scientific and research based with proven efficacy for lasting improvements

A natural, non-invasive method and easy to implement

The problem...

Many people cannot “process” what they hear, even when their hearing is perfectly fine. Hence, they have difficulties in listening: they are slow in processing information, slow in responding to instructions, struggle to pay attention, are easily distracted, or may experience meltdowns. Resulting diagnosis can vary, but most commonly include:

  • Learning difficulties like dyslexia, dysgrapgia, ADD/ADHD

  • Sensory and/or Auditory processing disorder, ASD

  • Emotional dysregulation and meltdowns

The solution...

The Tomatis® Method restores the ear’s ability to activate listening mechanisms in the brain. It captures the brain’s attention, putting it in listening mode, making it more receptive and able to process information more efficiently.

The Tomatis® Method is proven and effective in addressing the underlying issues and making the neurological pathways more efficient. As it rewires and strengthen these processing connections, we see improvements in reading, learning, attention, communication, and emotional regulation.

How does the Tomatis® Method work?

This 3-min video shows how the Tomatis® Method engages different parts of the brain to integrate information processing, enhancing learning potential to improve reading, learning, communication and emotional regulation.

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Unique Assessments

Our assessments provide us with windows into the brain’ in REAL TIME, revealing:

  • HOW the brain process information,

  • WHY someone is struggling

  • Previously undetected, underlying difficulties not identified through standard assessments

With our unique approach we assess and monitor functional capabilities 

Use Tomatis® at home

No need for daily clinic visits!
Once your child's individualised programme has been determined, the Tomatis® Method is delivered in the comfort of your own home.

Technologically advanced equipment

Dr. Tomatis developed the 'electronic ear' to deliver filtered music through air and bone conduction. He was awarded a gold medal for his novel invention.

Request your no obligation Free 15-Minute Phone Consultation (NZ only)

If you would like to know if the Tomatis® Method will benefit you, request your consultation with Yolinda.


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